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#028 About print selling and stuff

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 28, 2014, 12:06 PM

Hi guys, how are you? I hope everything's okay!
Today i'm doing this journal because i really wanted to know something! And do a little 'research' about it! haha
It's cosplay prints!

I was thinking about it, and about put some prints to sell on redbubble, since i can't do it on dA ( because of 'cosplay' category )
But i'm not sure if it would work because i don't know if someone would buy it...
Selling prints would help me to make more and more cosplays and i guess people would like have prints!

So, there's a pool i created to see what you guys think about it!
Please vote!…
If yes, you can tell me the cosplay you would like to see prints!

Ps.: I still collecting points! If you want to donate some, you can do it here! it will be appreciated

I hope you guys have a wondeful friday! Chuuu (*^3^)/~☆
I really appreciate likes and new followers!
Inu x Boku SS: Sleeping by ryouism DR: Oshioki Taimu! by ryouism Shingeki no Kyojin: Eren... by ryouism
New Disney princess! by ryouism

#027 Facebook Page

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 30, 2014, 3:34 AM

Hey folks, whats up?
Long time with no update... Happy new year for everyone! *3*

I decided to create a page on facebook to my cosplays! Who read my pictures description maybe saw this, i already told about.
I did it because a lot of people add me on facebook just to see my cosplays (probably), and it make things easy!
I'm not planning to leave DeviantART or anything, actually i use the page to disclose my deviantART, since i post more pictures here than there.
BUT, i don't like posting funny, making off and preview pictures here because there's a lot with low quality image. And the same with posts about my next plans.

So if you want to see more about my cosplays, i guess you should like it!
And for who likes to see wip and stuff, i advise you to follow my instagram:
I'll really like it!

Ps.: I still collecting points! If you want to donate some, you can do it here! it will be appreciated!

I hope you guys to eat something really taste today! Chuuu (*^3^)/~☆

Inu x Boku SS: Sleeping by ryouism DR: You've got that wrong- ops! by ryouism SnK: Warmth by ryouism
New Disney princess! by ryouism

#026 New username and point comission~

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 9, 2013, 10:42 AM
Hey guys! Whats up?

So i changed my username.
I know it should seem suddenly, but i always looked for an username free in some social networks ( even i just changed to the same my tumblr-photoblog and i created an instagram  with it... )
For who don't know, my url was RyouKuroneko!

Well, i opened comission with points! I really want premium membership again in future, so~ ( even i refuse to believe someone will give me LOL ) There's all explained on the description here, just talk to me by notes if you have some request!
And you can just donate with no request if you like my work! It will be really appreciated!

I'll be posting pictures soon, i have a con next weekend and i'll debut a new cosplay if everything goes ok~

I hope you all are alright and have an awesome day! Chuuu (*^3^)/~☆

GC: You'll never walk alone, I'll go with you by ryouism ZnT: I'm waiting by ryouism K: Neko by ryouism

Hey guys!
Long time no posting journal, right?
Last weekend i went a convention, so i have some new pictures... And when i came to post i just realized that i had so many pictures to post here aaah x.x ////lazy
But i swear i'll be posting here soon, i swear, i swear!

Anyways, i'm not here to talk about it! I had alot of cosplays almost finished or with enough things to just end up. And i'm choosing some of them to end up before the end of the year!
But i really like the characters alot, i can't just choose it from myself... So i need help ;_; Please help me ;_;

Following the options. You can choose more than one and feel free to give suggestions besides these. I would love it!
( And the pictures shows which version i'm planning to do! )

Himari Takakura - Mawaru Penguindrum
Mari Illustrious Makinami - Evangelion 2.0
Kyouko Kirigiri - Dangan Ronpa
Mikan Tsumiki - Super Dangan Ronpa 2
Ririchiyo Shirakiin - Inu x Boku SS
Mayoko Okino - Zone 00
Neko - K project
Sakurakouji Sakura - Code : Breaker
Reira Serizawa - Nana

( <span class="">I apologize for the amount of links. I wanted to put pictures, but the way I used to post image no longer works<span class="">.</span></span><span class=""><span class=""></span> If anyone knows how to post images in journal, tell me! And if some of them don't work, tell me too! ) </span>

Well, that's it.
Have a nice day, eat all ice cream or cake you want to! Chuuu (*^3^)/~☆

ZnT: Just because it's illogical, by ryouism ZnT: I'm waiting by ryouism ZnT: Everything happens for a reason by ryouism DRRR!!: Celty Sturluson by ryouism DRRR!!: Roar Out Louder by ryouism GC: You'll never walk alone, I'll go with you by ryouism GC: You might be able to do it if you try, by ryouism
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#024 Next cosplay

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 24, 2012, 10:26 AM

Hi guys, how are you? i'm fine~

I'll start this journal telling that i'm sorry for a long time without post here... I have more Minene and Inori pictures, but.... but.......... I promise to post it soon!
I'm away from here because i dont have a good preview to post. All stuff i'm posting on my photoblog, link here.

This weekend will have a convention! and i'll use two new cosplays weeee!
I'll use Miku ( candy addicts version, i choose it to this convention by the halloween is near <3 ) and Karuta ( from Inu x boku )! To do a little group with my friends!

Ririchiyo :: Preview by GabeValente
( Preview with my cute Ririchiyo <3 )

Very soon i will be posting pictures of it!
and maybe a few shoots than i planned.

Have a nice day,Sweets and candies for you *w*
Chuuu (*^3^)/~☆

Guilty Crown: Inori Yuzuriha by ryouism Mirai Nikki: Just waiting for the chaos by ryouism
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#023 New cosplay and Super-con!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 1, 2012, 1:17 AM
New Cosplay and Super-con

Hi guys, how are you? i'm so good!
Last weekend as i told, was a convention here ( Super-con! ) and i debut Minene ( lolita[?] version ) and Inori ( black dress version ) on there <3
In real, the convetion was not the heaven. But, was cool meet the people, and OF COURSE waste SOOOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUCH TIME with my Famiglia <3 [ Famiglia = my group of cosplay. And behind this, my dearest friends that i love so much! ]
In this con, much of us completed one year as Famiglia! I'm so happy, and a miss the group cosplay with them, in this con... in next we have group of Inu x Boku SS and we plan a simple shoot of KHR <3
As always, we take stupid pictures and recorded videos dummies like this:… in portuguese, but, is just stupid talk...( yeah. this is me. playing zelda OOT. and moaning like Zelda. and hurting Link to hear hers moans. LOLOLOLOL )
They make the convention worth it! õ/

And i have to put here my special thanks! Obviosly, to Famiglia *i'm so lazy to put their DA here...*, To Kuchikiluana that helped me soooooooooooo much with my cosplays! Inori and Minene is done because of her <3
And to GabeValente that is of Famiglia, but i have to thank her here. Because i have good pictures of my cosplays by her <3
Everybody that spend time with me super deserve thanks, and as i already did a post on Facebook, i guess is not necessary here.
I hope to spend more and more time with some people that i met there, and make the plans happen! <3

Poll and Facebook page

Well, please vote here, i really want to know it >w<

I'm thinking about do a page on facebook 'Ryou Cosplay' in english. Actually that page exists, but, i dont published yet... since my facebook is in portuguese, i'll be good? Please, help me!
And i want to say that i'll take pictures of NEW cosplay soon. I'll say just that. Been waiting! haha
More random pic in my photoblog: sweetRyou

Have a nice day,Sweets and candies for you *w*
Chuuu (*^3^)/~☆

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#022 I'm back

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2012, 2:12 AM

Hey guys, how are you?! (。・ω・。)
I'm okay, just a bit tired by hurry, have convention in this weekend! (。・w・。)
I was soooooooo far from here, just commenting something or 'favoriting'-lol
I have to reply sooo much things Ç_Ç I'm so sorry for it, really, guys!
But, finally i have good news~
I got rid of the problems about outfits (I have cosplays ready just waiting for outfit )
I hope things get better now. I was so sad by the things that gone wrong ;{

But leaving these things aside, let's to business. progress!
In next convention ( in october, 'next' after the con of this weekend ) I'll debut Karuta Roromiya!  ( I prefer Ririchiyo. She is so like... Me LOL But one cute and dear friend will do her, and i like so much Karuta too, so xD )
I'm thinking about use Gasai Yuno, with black dress too. And more one cosplay, but is a secret. Is as a special to Halloween! haha
And cosplays 'not to conventions' i'm working in some.
I'm working on Bluebell, since my wig arrived and lenses too, my brother ( that is a GREEEEAT photographer ) accepted take the photos <3
I'm waiting my wig to Ririchiyo ( that i ordered previously Karuta's wig ) to a photoshoot with uniform!

To the convention of the this weekend i'm thinking what to use.
Previews(just wig+lens):
Click in pictures to see in good size

More random pic in my photoblog: sweetRyou

Have a nice day,Sweets and candies for you *w*
Chuuu (*^3^)/~☆

KHR: Young mafia girl by ryouism KHR: vulnerable by ryouism AB!: A fake Angel by ryouism
2011 Cosplay! by ryouism PSG: Anarchy! by ryouism AnoHana: Jintan! by ryouism
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Hey guys, how are you?! (。・ω・。)
I'm going to crazy. i'm thinking and thinking about which cosplay use in the convention in the end of july Ç_Ç
Actually, i had plans. i really had but something that is happening in Brazil ( where i live, btw. LOL ) called 'red tide' ( a adaptation of the damn word ) drowned my plans. ( ok, it is dksjaiasfhiuasasfhasufh. okay. not funny.... dposakjiosafashf okay is funny, i'm the worse with wordplay.
And before one someone ask, not, isnt something like real tide. is just a name a government operation to disturb the imports.
i don't care bout policy BUT: DONT. PLAY. WITH. MY. WIGS. and lenses. *psycho face here, pls.* LOL
Buuuuuuut, going to the point, i want to help to choose my cosplays.
i would do Lal Mirch, Chrome ( Namimori version) and Kuroneko Cosplay, but my Arcobaleno group are not all ready. :{ My Chrome Namimori outfit is amoust done, but wigs of the group have not yet reached ;{  And my red lenses for Kuroneko not reached too.
So, i'll show some options. ( and oh, i have, maybe more 3 days of convention. because i'm planning to go an one wonderful con in july, too <3 )


- Ciel ( Cover of CD version )


- Kuroneko ( with her 'natural' eyes. yes, she had blue eyes. ;3 )

- Yuno

- Inori Yuzuhira

- Princess of the Crystal

- Izaya or Izako/Kanra

Help me , please Ç_Ç Tell me the version~ ;3
And i want to ask what you think about cosplaying OCs!
Have a nice day,Sweets and candies for you *w*
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#020 - Icon, disappearance and OC!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 29, 2012, 7:37 AM

Hey guys, how are you?! (。・ω・。)
Well, i'm a little.... i dont know. 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。 [ as ever, you never know u-u ]
Today i  changed my icon of DA, and... is strange using a picture with me and not this cute pic of Stocking
For RIP, i'll leave the picture here Ç_Ç LOL

Well, i still be missing here. A lot. Is sad.
I'm trying to take pictures, but is so hard right now, I'm outta time.
About pictures and projects, i decided to say something in this journal, since I will not post here soon, if not take pictures (which is very likely)

- This month i'm trying to call my Kujo ( GOSICK ) and i'll use Victorique for a photoshoot! That cosplay have very few pictures and was so... Ç_Ç
- Keep trying to take pictures with my Hinata ( Angel Beats ) as Yui xD
- Maybe some Miku ( Vocaloid ) cosplay soon!
- Thinking when i'll do a creepy shoot as Lucy ( Elfen Lied )

And, next month i'll have a convention and i'm trying to finish my Kuroneko cosplay for it! ヾ(.☆ω☆)ノ ( i'm trying to go, in real. LOL )
I'm really excited for this!
The wig arrived! wig-clickhere, is a link
And my shoes! shoes-clickhere, is a link too (i'll not use the ties x.x)

Vote in my poll about which was my best cosplay!…
And i want to ask what you think about cosplaying OCs!

Have a nice day,Sweets and candies for you
Chuuuuuu~ :kiss:

PSG: Everything happens in Daten-city-Town by ryouism KHR: Stay here. with me. by ryouism AnoHana: Jintan! by ryouism
Ririchiyo WIP/test by ryouism 2011 Cosplay! by ryouism
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#019 Birthday, next cosplay and Feature w/ friends

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 14, 2012, 7:49 PM

Hey guys? How are you?!
I'm good... yeah... maybe not sure... hmmm
Okay, is sad. 24 of this month i'll do 18 years.
yup. 18. I'M GETTING OLD *cry* LOLOL
okay, stopping the drama, i'm a little happy for it. Because the day of my birthday have a convention! ヽ( ゚ 3゚)ノ
SeeU: Nyan! by ryouism
I took my last photos as SeeU. :thumb256244375:
Yup, last. I sold this cosplay, because i will not have opportunity to use again on this year... ( my new cosplays have occupied all the conventions of this year.) And help a friend that wants cosplay is always prideful! <3
I'll do this costume again, maybe. When SinfulVoice be my USee! :heart: I'll do the costume better, to be a good SeeU for her! <3
BTW i'm selling my Lucky Star and Tenshi cosplay. The same reason. If someone have interested, contact me! (>ω<*)ノ

But changing the way, i'm sorry for take a little to reply/post. I'm busy with school and my new costumes t.t I have news about it!
In this convention, i'll debut two new cosplays! Stocking angel ( on my birthday! <3 ) and Belarus! maybe i do more one cosplay on second day, but i don't know.... is so tiring and my Russia would molest me if I do not stalk him the whole event. LOLOL -not
I'm trying to do a Shiemi's photoshoot soon. My wig finally arrived! And Yui photoshoot too.

I want to thank everyone who voted in the poll to choose my next cosplay of Chrome. In fact, the next had already chosen and he does not received many votes ... But I will try to Namimori soon! Who has not voted, here it is:
And disturbing, i want to call help for you, actually for who watched Ore no Imouto ( or will google the character LOL ) with choose my wig for Kuroneko. I really cant know the color of hers hair. Who want help me to choose wig, just comment the number of wig of this list: (>ω<*)ノ
Be free to look my wishlist and give me a gift for birthday! -Just kidding LOL
But if you really want give me something, contact me via note! I'll love! (。・ω・。) ( points or premium account is a good gift ;p LOL )

This feature will have pictures of my friends from here -Brazil lol. To show their awesome cosplays xD I'm thinking about do a worthy journal for their. Let me have time~ xD
Have a nice day,Sweets and candies for you
Chuuuuuu~ :kiss:

Featured of friends:
DRRR: IIIIIZAAAAYAAAA by MariTheStrange:thumb276163712: Angewomon by HakuUsagi Shura Kirigakure :: 02 by GabeValente Woman Thief by LoliSakura
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#18 Magnet shoot and Aqua+Pink overdose!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 27, 2012, 7:03 PM
Hey guys, how are you? Free Miku Hatsune Icon by tiriii
I\'m fine!
Finally i did a shoot of cosplay that is postponed for a long time! More one year, actually.
The 'strange feeling' turns unbearable longing by ryouism
I know i said it, but, my favorite pairing on Vocaloid is Luka X Miku. And to like this paiting, nothing better Magnet, right? Right!
Luka X Miku: Magnet by ryouism
Make this pictures is... hmm... hard. As all my pairings with Haku. We laugh and fight all the time! LOL
I want to embrace you, by ryouism
This picture was so so so hard Ç_Ç look our wigs t.t MESS!
But i really love it. Hope one day use it on convention Ç_Ç
My butterfly flitting around it chaotically by ryouism
In fact, i don\'t like Miku sooooo much. Sometimes i think she is just a idol arrogant and with a huge ego. But her personality on some songs i love. Like in Magnet. - And i have a huge ego too. But is not a thing to be pride, at all. glasses Miku icon 50x50 by NyAppyMiku22
BTW, in Luka X Miku vibe, i\'m trying to post the rest of the photos of JBF. This week i post one, and Akemi post another. (in featured, on the bottom!)
And our picture, that was on MiniContest from YYL-Yaoi-Yuri-lovers won! :thanks:
JBF: Though I still love you, by ryouism
And i posted here a preview of Panty! :iconpantyanarchyplz:
PSG: Chuuu~ by ryouism
Tell me what you think about, please <3
And about it, my preview of Chrome TYL:
Chrome TYL WIP by ryouism
Tell me what think about Magnet cosplay too!
I\'ll be a little busy these days... Sorry if i be slow to respond. But thanks to all favs and comments!
Have a nice day,Sweets and candies for you :thumb172457851:
Chuuuuuuu~ :blowkiss:

MAGNET: Anxiety arrives with the dawn by ryouism JBF: If only this once, by ryouism
Out of my DA:
- Bonds - by 24getMeNot Like a Magnet by HakuUsagi That dream has never come again by HakuUsagi
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#017 Happy Valentine's Day!

Tue Feb 14, 2012, 2:32 PM

Hey guys! Kitty Glomp Icon by Hatty-hime
Happy valentine's day! :hug:
KHR: Speechless by MariTheStrange
This Valentine's day to me was... amost borring. I can't give chocolate to who i wanted! But, i'm okay. I'm happy though xD
How i said on the previous journal, i did my casual photoshoot with my Hibari-san ( :iconmarithestrange: :heart: ). Was fun, thank so much for my cute Bossu, MandySutcliff for took the pictures to us.
Was a Valentine's Date. - ... Yes. I forgot to give the chocolate to Hibari Chrome by zombiose
Was fun walk in the mall with wigs haha ( i just don't looked to people so much, or i would be ashamed if see people looking to me >.< )

I'm so happy, because my Yuki gave me the wig to Chrome TYL,, for my birthday!  ( is just next month; 24/03. I'm even going to a convention on my birthday. lol )
And i'll do,at least, more 3 versions of her this year! [ btw, thank you, Yuki ;-; <333 ]
My white dress, of TYL version is ready. But my Mukuro don't know when will do him. >.< My mukuro leaves me, guys. Like in manga. But i forgive her because she will be my beautiful Colonello! <3 And my Hibari don't will do a TYL version soon. And she is always saying ' don't do Chrome-chan without your guys, Ryou! ' So.... Ç_Ç

And i have something to ask! I noticed that Chrome havent a FC... So, i created this to her! ChromeDokuro-FC ! I'm looking for contributors and members... Please join ;-; ( and the founder's account is also mine with one friend, that help me -putting pictures of me and friends in groups-!) Prize: Chrome Icon by miiChaneko

This is it! I'll do a little photoshoot soon, so,wait new pics! :blink:
Have a nice day,Sweets and candies for you Chrome avie by midorisora
Chuuu~ :blowkiss:

Valentine's Date:
1896: Do not let me go by ryouism 1896 Kiss by ryouism 1896: Do not leave me by ryouism 1896: Valentine's Date by ryouism KHR: Lovers from mafia by MariTheStrange
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#016 4K Pageviews and news~ (='.'=)

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 9, 2012, 8:47 PM

And thanks for all favs and watch! I'm always getting good feedback on the group of PSG! Me and my group are very glad that you like our cosplays :meow:
PSG: Everything happens in Daten-city-Town by ryouism Panty and Stocking by ryouism PSG: Anarchy! by ryouism
And soon we'll do a Angel version! Some modifications in the group and a little surprise ( but i'll be Stocking again~ *-* )
Hey guys, how are you?
I'm fine, just felling like a NEET because i'll just back to school next week. And everybody is in since last week... Be a NEET is cool, but i'm sleeping so much xD
I posted all the pictures that i had forgotten to post from PSG and AnoHana. Miss some Angel Beats. Of me, alone. I don't like some , but i'll post it. at some time.
AnoHana: Jintan! by ryouism AnoHana: Walking to the castle by ryouism AnoHana: Menma and Jintan by ryouism
And the rest of the KHR.
1896: Bite me to death by ryouism KHR: Chrome and Hibird by ryouism 1896: Hibird Kiss by ryouism
I do love it! :iconpervychromeplz:
I post my couple with Akemi, Just be Friends, too. Hope you like~ *-*
All we gotta do, Just be friends by ryouism JBF: Though I still love you, by ryouism
I'll post more of this (Just Be Friends) soon. I really like the pictures of this Photoshoot *-*
I'm thinking about do a Fanservice as Miku... But nothing right... xD
Three previews ( Yuno Gasai, Bluebell and Miku Hatsune, in the order), tell me if i suit on this charas Ç_Ç

Mature Content

Buuuuh! by ryouism

Click in the pictures to see with a good size! xD
Well, please comment the previews >.< And ignore my eyes on Yuno (1st) Preview, i'm the worst in PS and lost one of my pink lens ;-;
Comment by me: As Miku, with ponytails, i was like a Chibi. Big head LOL
To finalize the post, i'm trying to get points, so i'm 'offering' somethings~
Please check out (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧…
Have a Nice day! And Sorry for a big post >-<
And this is it. i'm going to read Reborn LOL
Sweets and candies for you Free Stocking Avatar by Felynea
Chuuu~ :blowkiss:

Updates (・ω・`)
PSG And AnoHana
PSG X DRRR by ryouism PSG: The Bitch and the Goth girl with weird hair by ryouism AnoHana: Stay, Menma. Stay. by ryouism AnoHana: Menma! by ryouism
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#015 end of vacation.

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 1, 2012, 7:20 PM

Last week i traveled to my aunt's house. She is a biologist and wants to pull me aside this LOL
It was really cool, but tomorrow I go home and... I fly a plane for the first time. Alone. I'm afraid Ç_Ç wish me luck!
Well, monday my classes start. last year of high school. i hope somebody interesting come to my class. *stalk stalk stalk* LOL
But out of it, i hope to my shoot of friday ( more SeeU pictures *-* ) happen! And finally i call my PSG group to do a photoshoot - that we are postponing for centuries. LOL And my HinataXYui too. Next week we'll do any of these. *i hope, i hope!*
And we'll do a Ao no Exorcist shoot! Finally my Shiemi wig arrived *-*
I'm posting old pictures now. Like a Tenshi's pictures... Menma and Stocking Pictures, etc. I just have forgot to post it before... And i forget some photos of KHR, i'll post it later e-e
I have a plan of shoot to Valentine's day too! I'll steal my beautiful Hibari ( :iconmarithestrange: :heart:) from his unicorn ( horse with a horn, lol ) stupid, to me. In Valentine's day. Yes, more 1896 fanservice <3
I'll post more old pictures ( from PSG for how wanted *-* ) And later, the rest of KHR pictures. *-* later, JBF - when i catch with Akemi!
Please, you can give me suggestions for cosplay? I can give to you cyberdonuts! LOL :donut:
Sweets and candies for you ^^ ~<3
Chuuu~ :kiss:



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KHR: Chrome Dokuro by ryouism Come and get it by ryouism   KHR: Let me take a little rest by MariTheStrange
KHR: W-what am i doing? by ryouism :thumb280121635: :thumb280119120:

Well well well, finaly was the convention~ *-*
i would use shiemi and chrome, but my wig of shiemi dont arrived so, i did a couple with the cute :icon24getmenot: that i planned just for shoot. Well, it is more fun in an convention, right?

I'll post our pictures when she edit them, because I'm very bad at it. x.x
I already love this song ( and now i always remember her when i hear it now lol ) and this pairing [? lol]
I loved do it with you, my dear Akemi :heart:
Finally my Chrome cosplay is done! i'm so happy, i think just some things that have to be repaired but, i'm happy for the pictures >///<

My trident died when i ran to kill, or, talk to Yamamoto ( :iconsuguroryuuji: ). And it happened early on in the convention., so... Ç_Ç
I did so much fanservice 1896 with my carnivorous/predator Hibari-san ( :iconmarithestrange::heart:), because my Mukuro (:iconmiuuh: :heart:) wasnt as Mukuro cosplay at the convention Ç_Ç
And here a little video 1896 that we did in convention~
I did fanservice with my cute Adelheid (:iconmushuchan:, you can be envy. I touched hers boobs LOLOLOLOLOL -wtf

In the end of convention, i was so weary and my eye was a little hurt because of eyepatch Ç_Ç But when i woke up, i was okay~
Well, i want to say thanks  who wasted time on me in convention Ç_Ç It was really fun >///<
I need to say about my gorgeous twin, as Shura :icongabevalente: that 'onwed' -lol- everybody with your awesome and perfect cosplay~ :heart:
The same to beautiful :iconhakuusagi: as Angewomon, <3
I'm happy to waste time with my favorite twins, :iconmellocottom: and :iconharusenpai: <3 Was beautiful as bitches of Gaku... er, Gumi and  Miku.
And is a lot sad to say, but i didn't stalk on convention... Even though two Gakupo on Convention that... OMG... Okay, i'm kidding, :iconyoruaoimoto: and :iconkouji-san:, but i needed to tell about them u-u lol awesome Gakupo <3
And i really don't stalk in this convention. Sad. :{
I said on the last journal  i creat a WorldCosplay! Here my accont:
And anothers accounts i have ( Although the Da is most updated~)
Cure -…
I hope you enjoy it~
Sweets and candies for you ^^ ~<3
Chuuu~ :kiss:
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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 11:58 AM

Just testing the cute skin *-*
Thanks Mama to teach me how put it LOL
And oh, i did a WorldCosplay! Is not updated, i'll do it in a dull moment xD
My WorldCosplay:
And My Curecos too:…
I'll post something here soon,
Chuuuuuu~ :kiss:

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Hey! Finally i decided do this! With my next cosplays!
Well well, before this, how you spent New Year's Eve?
I saw fireworks! Cliche but i love it. fireworks are so beautiful! ≧◡≦
As always, how i think i am an unlucky girl, i just ask Luck! so much luck to me! haha Money too LOL
My friend, h1dek1 that lives in the other side of country ( i said, Brazil is a big country Ç_Ç) sent me a very sweet Christmas gift in the mail. :heart:

Thanks sweet, it make me so happy >.< :hug:

My vacation at now was lot boring, i have to say... But next weekend ( 14 and 15~ ) will have a convention here! And i'll have so much fun! (i hope, but i ~never~ had a bad Con, so... )
But now to the part more important! or not.
Next cosplay to conventions~

- Chrome Dokuro - KHR (kokuyo uniform version~)
- Shiemi Moriyama - AnE (uniform version)
- Stocking Anarchy - PSwG (angel version)
- Belarus - APH
- Shiemi M. - AnE ( Kimono version )
- Gasai Yuno - Mirai Nikki
- Lal Mirch - KHR ( for July )

Just for shoot:

- Yui - Angel Beats ( very soon, i guess )
- Miku and/or Luka - JBF
- Bluebell - KHR ( just for pictures because i'll do, first, mermaid version. I CAN'T GO A CONVENTION THIS WAY! lol )
- Byakuran - KHR ( that's true....... i'm too uke for him Ç_Ç But my Sho-chan is so..... *puking rainbows* )
- Chrome Dokuro - KHR ( TYL dress )

Well, i have some cosplays for shoot that i can't put here...
And I want you give me ideas for cosplays, which you think that suits me! *0*
See ya, sweets and candies for you ^^ ~<3

^ thats a 'commercial' of my photoblog. the link is in the photo, just click!
Clue: I'm happy with asks! (。◕‿◕。)
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For start... How you past your Christmas? Mine was boring >.<

Well, i did this for update... long time i didn't a journal to update my progress and things like that~
Actually, i'm just 'progressing' [?] one cosplay.
Is so rare, just one,  I'm always with a lot of projects, and losing myself in them. LOL
But i'm waiting a lot wigs, and after january, here just have conventions in march! ( btw, one convention in my birthday *-* )
And i hate start a costume without wig at least. Ç_Ç

In January i'll debut two cosplays that i love so much the characters Ç_Ç
I'll Use Shiemi Moriyama from Ao no Exorcist version uniform ( this if my wig come Ç_Ç i hate mail! )  and Chrome Dokuro from Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
I'm happy for Shiemi but i'm so excited for Chrome!
Surely she is one of my favorite characters and, my group is so cute *-* I hope be a good Chrome Ç_Ç with my cute Hibari-san :iconmarithestrange: :heart:

Preview of Chrome. I'm so lazy to post, on gallery, another trashy preview, so i just post in my photoblog~

Next month will be so special to me! beyond this convention, i'll do some shoots and, one of this, with a friend so important to me! :icon24getmenot: :heart:
She actually live in another state, and how everybody ( or almost xD ) knows, Brazil is a big country Ç_Ç And i'll have a chance to go to convention with her, have her in my group (my cute i-pin *-*) and do a couple with her (luka <3)! I'm happy, i hope her vacation be good here. I'll do my best for it!

In next year ( saying like this, looks like it will take a long time LOL ) I'll do a decent progress about all my projects until July!
I did learn to do cookies a short time, so, happy new year with cookies (´・ω・`) :

My ugly cookies >.<

Sweets and candies for you ^^ ~<3 :donut:
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Well, i did drawings for this! Because i love this pairings with Chrome-chan, so:

I promise try to do a journal soon... i'll try...
and thanks to those who gave me drawings of 'Chrome's birthday' :heart:
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Long time no update my DA, I'm sooooo sorry!
I intend to create the list of cosplay in progress again soon and use here correctly!
Saturday will be Hetalia Day and Sunday will have a convention, then I promise new pictures very soon! And new cosplays!
One of this will be another version of Stocking, i hope be a good Stocking again...
But, there a while ago, I start to watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn and... OMG, IS SO FUCK CUTE, I LUV IT!
Now, i have more than four groups of KHR... My friends like this too... And i love so much Chrome ;-; I post one preview of her!
I'm so excited for this cosplay, my Vongola family is so cute *-*
Well, i promess, after update the pics of convention of sunday, i will put my cosplay progress here!
Thanks for FAVS, COMMENTS, I REALLY LOVE IT! :heart:
I'm still accepting suggestions for cosplay!
Sweets and candies for you ^^ ~<3
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