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Durarara!!: Izaya Orihara by ryouism
Durarara!!: Izaya Orihara
Finally used actual Izaya Orihara, i'm so happy!
I love Durarara so much and i'm planing more cosplays from DRRR for 2015. And when i got a chance to use it with my waifu as Kida ( im sorry world i like kizaya ) i just.... Couldn't say no! ( And then i noticed my kouhai would be on the same con as Shizu-chan and Rokujo, super lucky! haha )
I already did Female Izaya sometime ago ( you can see here! ) and i wasn't confident about 'crossplaying' ( actually, i'm not so confident, i'm trying to get a little better! )
Izaya is one of that trash characters i love so much, i'm anxious to see him in the new season and have news about him on the new novel... Be safe, Izayaaakun! haha

ryouism as Izaya Orihara from Durarara!!
Picture by GabeValente

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KP: Say, you're so painfully buried in it, by ryouism
KP: Say, you're so painfully buried in it,
"Say, you're so painfully buried in it,
Why are you looking at me now with such a cold face? [...]
'I don't understand this at all!'
I cried, and you said to me,
'I'm already bored of this toy that can only talk!' " - Jinzou Enemy

Jinzou Enemy is one of the most important songs to me because it leads me to my favorite character: Takane.
Takane is really important and ENE in this song made me love her so much, trying to help Shintaro. Its kinda obvious that this song leads to route XX and even it's ENE's point of view of this, but i like to believe that somehow she could help him and it wasn't that way.
Just like in this fanmade pv:…

Funfact about this picture: You can see Shintaro on the glass haha

ryouism as ENE
Eduardo as Shintaro Kisaragi
from Kagerou Project / Mekakucity Actors
Picture by GabeValente 

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KagePro: Super Pretty Cyber Girl by ryouism
KagePro: Super Pretty Cyber Girl
Finally did my fav character from Kagerou Project! Even i did ENE without all right because of my orders not arriving in time, i want to make her super nice next time!
Takane is really special to me, i really love her and it's really hard to put it in words. Since Jinzou Enemy, ENE stole my heart. I really appreciate how strong she is, how good friend she is, SHE'S SO PRECIOUS I CAN'T!
I want to make more versions of her, Actor, Takane in Yuukei Yesterday, Summertime Record and even Jinzou Enemy!

ryouism as ENE from Kagerou Project / Mekakucity Actors
Picture by GabeValente 

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My name is Gabriela but you can call me Ryou.
I'm 20 and i have a dream where i am a shsl magical girl that pilot a big robot ( and please, i don't want my mother's soul on it )

Facebook page:
Cosplay/review Tumblr:
Main Tumblr:
All my links ( blog,photoblog, art tumblr,etc) :
And please, do not post any pictures of here without permission or credits!


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Ps.: Tell me by note if you want some of this! If you don't, i'll see as just a normal donation!
Chuuu~ :blowkiss:

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